The Moment // El momento de la Viajera

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia

You strole down the street, sweating like hell but with a smile on your face. Enjoy the freedom of wearing flip flops. The colored houses reflect the happiness you carry with you. Your body and soul are in ballance. All smells, noises and feelings are intense but without recognizing you just feel the flow of happyness as you soak them off. The first raindrop on your hot skin feels refreshing. The smell of water splashing down on hot stones is in the air. The guy with the fruits on the road starts covering his shop. You follow the loud sound coming from one of the houses. Raindrops become bigger and you find shelter under a tree. A café is the source of the music. A man on the other side of the road is waiting in front of the door. Heavy rain forces you to stay dry under the cafés roof. The scenery is beautiful, the warm air and the rain on your skin are touching you gently. The song „Mariposa“ is the perfect soundtrack for the situation. Light music telling the story about a desperate love – emotional and soft. The man from the other side of the road talks to you – some spanish words, a smile and he is gone. The rain has stopped and the hot sun is already taking back control. The fruit man leaves with his car, people are back on the street. You move on, out of this space, where time seemed to have stopped. It is this one moment, a moment which seems to be unimpressive. But this moment stays in the mind of the traveler!


Feliz Viajera

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