A personal reflexion about my trip to Argentina and 3 conclusions

El Chalten - Fitz Roy

One year ago I had no idea that I would spend the second half of the year in Argentina. Now, after 2 months back home I have somehow still not arrived. I think I simply will never arrive back to where I have been before. The experience I have made, the people I have met – it all opened a bit of a new world and showed me new side of myself. These are some very personal thoughts and reflections about my travel experience. Overall I have to say that it was just the best decision I have ever made – last year around this time.

My 3 conclusions:

  1. You don’t need a lot to be happy
    The simple life which fits into a backpack is way enough. Expensive gear, perfect shoes for every outfit, sporty and geek toys, 20 T-Shirts – you simply don’t need it when having fun traveling and enjoying what surrounds you.
  2. If you open your heart and mind you will get to know open-minded, friendly people
    A wonderful sunset, the smell of the sea, an inspiring conversation with a person you have just met and it feels you know each other for years – this happens when you give it a try! Appreciate it, celebrate it – it is addictive and your happy smile will attract even more like minded people.
  3. You feel home where your friends are
    I have travelled alone to South-America, just having in mind a good old friend down in Bariloche. We ended up meeting after 17 years, continuing talking and having fun like there haven’t been any time in between. Argentinian friends are special and I appreciated the warm and welcoming atmosphere. I felt at home immediately just because of the amazing people I have met and the mate we shared! ;)

With my friend Leo, proud argentinian Querdenken-Team-Member, passionated and successful KTM enduro athlete

The passion for movement

And actually there is one one more thing I recognized about myself. I am a very active person and love to be out there in nature. Nothing new so far. But I realized how much I just love to try new sports, how much I enjoy being active and that this personal experience of movement is something I can’t live without. I started doing things I always wanted to do: googled for a Kitesurfing teacher and took some classes the next day. I still remember being at the beach at 8 o’clock in the evening without any other people than us three crazy Kiters, drinking lots of salty water while trying to move the Kite and the big smile on my face when getting out of the water feeling my muscles.

I will continue my journey and I am open to where ever I will end up, doing whatever sports I love. For sure very soon somewhere in the south working on my Kitesurfing abilities and practicing my Spanish. Who knows what I will write here next year around this time…

The best journeys answer questions that in the beginning you didn’t even think to ask. -180 degrees south

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